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    dependent visa


    I am an Britisith citizen 30 ys old , i will marry my Chinese hk girlfriend this summer in church +wedding banquet at high class hotel.
    Last year , i applied for immigration under investment visa while on a tourist visa , it was rejected, wanted to open a language school.
    i came as tourist but lived here 6 months last year, i used to go to Lo wu for one day then come back every 2 and a half months, however now with so many stamps on my passport.i was arrested/ questionned at airport last year when arriving again.
    After wedding, i plan to appply for dependent visa, however i don"t have any diplomas or qualifications of any kind,i have never worked (quit shool at 16 years old) but i have money savings , enough to live for 2/3 years without working.
    is that a big problem for immigration and am i "blacklisted"because of last year visa rejection?
    I plan to open a shop (food and beverages) if visa is ok.
    My girlfriend earns 21 000 hk dollars/month ,she is a permament hk resident.

    Thanks from heart to any answers

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    It is really hard to say if you have a good chance on the information that you have posted on the site.

    One of the main points is that the immigration department will evaluate your net worth (your combined savings for example and salary of your wife).

    If you would like me to do a complete evaluation of your case please send me a PM and I will send you one of our forms. If you want to find out more about our company then feel free to do so at

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    I must add that with my life allready needs to support her mother and 3 sisters.
    Is that a burden for the immigration with her 21 000 hk dollar salary?

    Can i open a business with the dependent visa or only work for a company?


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    What is the rest of the families status in HK? permanent I presume.

    If you have a dependant visa though your wife who is a permanent resident you can in most cases work for someone or start up your own business.