HOw to apply for Dependent visa

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    Wink HOw to apply for Dependent visa

    Hi all

    Appreciate your experts advice here. We're from Spore and my husband will eb going over to Hk to work soon and i'll be joining him about 2-3 months later. The company he's working for is currently applying his employment visa for him. My question is this:

    1) If he's applying for a dependent visa for me to join him in HK later, does he has to it himself ie, filling up all the forms and going to the Immigration to apply or

    2) Can his company do the application now together with his employment visa process together. I'm actually hoping the employer can process it together so he doesnt have to run up and down to sort out my dependent visa given the fact that he's quite new in HK and may not know wat is required,

    3) If it's Scenario 1 and he has to apply separately on his own for my dependent visa, then what are the documents he need to prepare, i read somewhere in this forum that he need proof of income, marriage certificate, etc.

    Thank you all for your input.


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    We just recently moved, and I applied for my wife's dependent visa, the application form is simple, you need marriage document, wedding pictures is good to have, financial statements showing capacity. That was it, it was straight and simple, and my wife was in HK doing that, after the visa was approved, she would receive a visa stamp for the passport, and all she needed was to leave HK and come in to get it stamped.


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    The company can do it for you at the same time as your husbands as an overseas application (not all companies will do this but some do). Then they will send you the sticker and this is to be inserted into your passport for when you arrive in Hong Kong.