How difficult to get a dependant visa???

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    How difficult to get a dependant visa???

    I am a HK permanent resident and my husband is an Aussie citizen.
    We are planning to live in HK so I am thinking of apply a dependant visa for him.
    Other than the proof of our relationship, I also have to show that I am able to support his living in HK. As Emigra always mentions, the immigration dept would have a check on our saving etc.
    I am wondering how much salary / saving is "enough"?
    I earn $8000/m only, is it totally impossible to apply for the visa?
    This is a new job, so I have to wait until I passed the 3-month probation?
    Does the immigration dept consider my husband's potentials / skills / working experience in Australia?

    Btw, is Emigra reliable and serious???
    How much do they charge???

    Many Thanks

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    Respected Sir,

    My name is Aslam Jan i want to apply for immigration visa what is the whole details and how to apply for that visa from pakistan i would like
    to apply from Hong Kong that is a easy way for immigration, i hope you will reply me.

    Thanking you.
    Id [email protected].
    contact no.009221-3002356895

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    Hi Janice,

    I would suggest that you apply the dependent visa yourself.
    it is very easy and will cost you only $160.I have done it three times ,and believe me it's very easy.If you go through an agent, they will charge you a very high is really not worth it.As for documents , you will have to provide your salary slips.Since you do not have them, you can give a copy of your employment offer letter which shows your salary and also provide a letter from your company stating that you are working for them.You can check the immigration website which has a list of documents u need to provide.

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    Er, almost 5 year old thread folks!