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ABC Applying for RTL

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    ABC Applying for RTL

    Hi, I've read almost all the other posts regarding applying for RTL, but my case is slightly different.

    About me: I'm American born Chinese. Born in 1988 in the USA, and raised there. I never studied in Hong Kong, nor resided there for more than 7 years.

    About father : Born in China, moved to Hong Kong stayed there for over seven years. Moved to the USA in 1970, naturalized American in 78. Father is in the process of applying for permanent HKID.

    about Mother : born in China, moved to Hong Kong and stayed for over seven years. Moved to the USA, and naturalized in 1979. She has sucessfully reobtained HKID permanent residency (ROA)

    My question is...even though I'm not born in HK, but my parents have HK residency (though from China) can I still get RTL?

    I filled out the eligibility for permanent residency form, but I just got a letter which denied me permanent residency on the grounds that I am not a chinese national since I was not born in HK and my parents had already settled abroad at the time of my birth. But, I don't want do I petition for RTL? I've ben trying to find work but it is so much easier if I can get this RTL HK ID thing figured out. Most jobs I've applied for have hired someone else because they didn't want to sponsor me for a visa. Any help really is appreciated.

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    You can only get RTL if you were at some time entitled to ROA but then lost it due to not being in HK for 36 months. In your case you were never entitled to ROA so there is no way you can get RTL.

    As ImmD stated - both your parents were naturalised Americans at the time of your birth. That makes you simply an American. You have no more rights to anything in Hong Kong than any other American.

    The only way you could get round the sponsorship requirement is through the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, if you meet the criteria.

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