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    HK Multiple Entry Visa

    Hi guys

    My Ukrainian workmate works in Shenzhen (he holds a mainland working visa) and wants to travel to Hong Kong frequently over the next 6 months (to shop and drink mostly...)

    Is it possible for a Ukrainian to get a 6 month multiple entry tourist visa for Hong Kong? (Ukrainians must have a visa to enter HK unlike most of the world).

    If it's impossible to get a tourist visa what's involved in getting a 6 month multiple entry business visa?

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    Charles Brooks

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    Getting an F visa ( business ) only requires a faxed copy of an invitation from a Chinese company to accompany the application.
    I am not sure but open ended multiples are only available as 1 yr , 2 yr and 3 yr.

    I have a 2 yr unlimited entry F visa . However it is known that this is usually only issued after you have a record of single and double entry visa. Also I am talking from as a person with a UK passport. I am not sure if more restrictive rules for Urkrainians.

    Best idea to truck on down to Wanchai China Resources Building and ask the visa office there. You will definately need an invite letter for the F visa as the tourist visa will not meet your requirement for unlimited multiple entry.

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    he wants the visa for HONG KONG, not for CHINA....

    check with hk immig dept for what is required.

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    Asa Cara says, the best bet is to email [email protected] and ask them...