physiotherapy work & visa?

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    physiotherapy work & visa?

    Hi All,

    I am a British citizen and hold a job offer in Hong Kong, with the company sponsoring my work visa applicaiton. One of the stumbling blocks to accept this offer is that I have a long-term partner (not married) who is a highly qualified physiotherapist. During my interview and visit to hong Kong it was mentioned that my girl-friend would probably struggle to get a work visa as a physiotherapist as it would be difficult to justify that there is a need for foreign physiotherapists.

    Is this the case, or are there any potential avenues of work as a physiotherapist?

    Further, do you have to be married in order to obtain a dependency visa (failing the ability to get a physiotherapy work visa?)

    Many thanks.

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    A fair number of expat physios in HK.

    Browse through our section and start contacting some of them.

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    Back in Toronto now - after 10 1/2 years in HK

    Somehow I don't get the impression there's an overabundance of highly qualified physiotherapists in HK who can cater effectively to the expat population (I have seen expatriate ones in Rehab Section of Adventist Hospital). Follow KIA's advice and get a feel from asking clinics and hospitals.

    Can't help you on your second question.