Validity of Work Visa

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    Validity of Work Visa

    Hello all. I have recently quit my job at the company that sponsored my work visa. As far as I can gather, my work visa allows me to stay in Hong Kong for three months beyond the day I quit. But can I leave Hong Kong briefly and still come back in on my work visa before that 3 month grace period ends? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    In most cases it should be no problem.

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    Thanks for your quick response, Emigra! Am I understanding correctly then that I can leave Hong Kong but come back in on my same work visa even though I've left the company that sponsored it? And my visa will remain valid until August anyway? Would be really grateful for any guidance/sources where I could read up on this!

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    Yes, generally this is true. You can always give the immigration department a call just to confirm and see what they say for you to be that 100% confident about going ahead with it.

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    Thank you for your advice, Emigra!