Applying for a Permanent Identity Card

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    Applying for a Permanent Identity Card


    I was born in the UK in 1961. Both my parents were born in Hong Kong and the emigrated to UK to work and lived over here ever since.

    In applying for the PIC, I hold original copies of the parents Hong Kong ID Cards but there are very old. In addition, I have their birth certificates and wonder if this is sufficient to obtain a PIC for myself.

    Can anyone let me know whether I can apply for PIC by mail in UK.


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    Seriously, why would you want a HK permanent ID card? (check here for the eligibility criteria)

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    I have a plot of land my father left me which I wish to build a residential property.

    To prove that you are an indigenous villager, don't you have to satisfy the rural comittee and Lands Branch that you have the right to build even though you own the land.

    Therefore, the possession of a PIC proves this. I have also my parents birth certificates to back up claim.

    Anyone with info on this matter is appreciated.