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relocating and job searching

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    relocating and job searching

    Hello all

    I am looking to relocate and work in Hong Kong although being British with no HK residency, I would require a work permit sponsor. Can anyone suggest agencies or the best way to job search for employers who would consider overseas employees? I have contacted some agencies but get no response.

    I am in Retail Fashion, handling Operations, Logistics and Merchandising and would like to continue in this area.


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    Do you speak Mandarin? My guess is you may find it quite tough to get in unless you're quite senior.

    Have friends in similar roles and it seems to involve going to the mainland and b0ll0cking their supplier's QC manager a lot...

    try jobsdb

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    jnguyen, I know a few weeks ago a major high-end department store in HK was hiring a merchandiser/buyer. A friend of mine, who is a headhunter, told me that the hiring manager was looking for a westerner to fill the position. I am not sure if this position has been filled and if the hiring manager has changed her mind about hiring a westerner as I believe you're Vietnamese with your name.

    Second, I recently saw an ad on jobsdb for a merchandising position with an iconic American brand with the initials (P.R.L.). Check it out. It seems pretty interesting, but I am not sure about the language requirement.

    (P.S. I am not trying to be secretive here, but I believe there are certain rules on Geoexpat about releasing names.)

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    Thanks for the info.

    Unfortunately I do not speak Mandarin and only know little Cantonese. I'm half Vietnamese and half Chinese born in the UK. I am looking into learning both languages properly.

    I've been in my job almost 4 years. It is merchandising retail side more than production. Thanks for the hint, P.R.L requires more experience although I might send a speculative application.

    I have tried jobsdb and other sites with no response and I am sure once they hear about work permit, interest is lost straight away. I had interviews with Harvey Nichols and Bestseller last time I was in Hong Kong which I did not have success in, although it was pointed out that requiring a work permit is a big problem.

    Are there any recruitment agencies that actively help?

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    jnguyen, I haven't tried this recruitment agency, but I have heard good things from ex-colleagues who were VMs. The agency they recommended is Three Trees. Give them a try and let me know how it worked out. Best of luck.

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    Also, jnguyen, the retailer that I heard that is hiring a merchandiser/buyer is not Harvey Nichols. It's the other big one in Hong Kong. As mentioned, the hiring manager is not looking for a local person. He wants someone from overseas, "preferably" a westerner. I would assume if he wants a westerner, he would also need to offer a work permit.

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    Thanks although I cannot find any agency called Three Trees? Do they have a website or contact email?

    Sorry I meant I already had an interview with Harvey Nichols HK in the summer gone, I was there for a holiday so decided to apply to a few places letting them know I will be there. I also know the other place you are talking about and will get in contact with them.

    Thanks for all the advice.

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    My apologies. It is Three Hills Recruitment. ThreeHills Recruitment Ltd.

    I just saw a post for a retail logistic planner. Right up your alley? The ref. no. is JHK100003000413439. Three Hills posted this job on jobsdb.

    Good Luck.

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