Mulitiple entry into HK

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    Mulitiple entry into HK

    Hi there,
    My husband and I are coming in and out of HK for work purposes and not sure if we need a visa or not?
    We are Canadian and do not need a visa to visit.
    If we are in HK less than 90 days, leave the country and then re-enter a week later and continue to do this throughout the year, will we need a visa?


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    You will eventually be stopped from entering Hong Kong... specially if the immigration officer determines that you're working or employed here illegally (which is different from coming to HK for short periods, for business... )

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    Sai Kung
    8,567 long as you are out of the city more than you are in the city, immig will be ok with that. if you are here for 89 days, then leave for 1 , then come back for 79 days, then leave for 2...they'll think that you are working here...then it will get more complicated