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QMAS - Results of 17th Selection Exercise available soon

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    QMAS - Results of 17th Selection Exercise available soon

    Hi all,

    I applied for the QMAS back in July. I haven't heard anything back, my application status is still "processing".

    I went in to ImmiD today and they couldn't give me any further information except to say that they had another QMAS meeting about 2 weeks ago, and that the results should be posted on the web site "any day".

    I was surprised to hear this as the normal cycle would have been for there to be a meeting around February 2011.

    I'm just letting ya'all know. Good luck to those who have applied.

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    Hmm, I called the immigration office last week and the lady told me that they haven't held the QMAS meeting yet. Hopefully she was wrong!

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    Hi guys,

    How long does it typically take between application and result?

    I want to apply for a QMAS visa but my official transcripts take approximately 1 month to arrive. Was wondering if it'd be possible to apply with copies of my transcripts instead and then to update my application with the official transcripts when they arrive.


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    Don't hold your breath!

    I applied in July and they still haven't considered my application.

    Other people have reported a turn around of 7-8 months.

    Good luck!

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    Guys, the results of from the 17th selection exercise is available now! Check it out.

    Have not seen my number on the list Eventhough I have seen numbers before and after my application which was submitted during late October.

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    I wouldn't worry. I'd been hoping to be included in the 17th selection exercise until I received an email on Christmas Eve. I've been asked for some additional information, which I need to supply by 28th Jan. My application was recieved in early Sept, so it's taken slightly over 3 months to get to this stage. Things are moving a little slowly, but they're still moving.

    For anybody who's looking to apply, the one piece of advice I'd share from my experience so far is be absolutely exhaustive in the information you provide. Don't just go by the tick list ImmD provide. Look at your application and add supplementary explanation wherever you cannot hurt to provide too much information.

    Three specifics from my own application are;

    (1) I provided references for two companies that covered a time period well beyond that flagged in the points category I was claiming. However, I spent a period of time traveling between the two. In hindsight, I missed the obvious - I've been asked to explain this gap. A simple paragraph on a supplementary sheet at the time of applying would've sufficed. Thankfully, this wasn't their only question.....else I'd have been kicking myself!!

    (2) I was asked to either provide further evidence for my statement of accomplishments/future plans OR inform the office I have nothing further to provide. In terms of historical statement everything was covered in my references, so I wrote a simple sentence confirming this. I'd recommend anyone applying to do the same (obvisouly after considering if there would be anything else relevant that could be provided by way of evidence).

    (3) I was asked to provide a statement on nature and scope of my employers. I have seen this one brought up before too. It's not requested on the application form, so again I'd recommend adding as a supplementary sheet.

    Hope this helps. And good luck to anyone who's still waiting or thinking of applying.

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    any one can give me
    qmas immigration phone no

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    Everything is on the Immigration Dept's website.

    Here is the webpage for QMAS: Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

    Click on Enquiries for contact information.

    However, please note one of the prerequisite requirements:

    Language proficiency

    The applicant should be proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English.
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