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Successful QMAS application - background info for QMAS applicants

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    Yes. If you receive 'Approval in Principle' you then need to make yourself physically available in Hong Kong to present your original documents.

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    Hi, As part of 32nd selection exercise, I just found out my name is listed on AIP list. If anyone knows I want to check 2 things:

    1. I am currently on assignment in Europe, how long can I delay my appointment with immigration officer?
    2. Also how long before I need to activate the visa? And move to HK

    It looks like I might be in Europe for at least a year. May be more. I would have to delay HK move as long as possible.


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    Take a look at my response to your thread.

    Your best bet is to schedule your interview as late as possible given the 3 month window on your AIP letter. When your get your QMAS visa stamp make your re-entry into HK as late possible given the 3 month expiry date on your QMAS visa stamp. This will essentially buy you 6 months for the kick off date for your 1st year of QMAS. As for the 1st year, you can arrive as late as you want so long as at the date of extension of your QMAS you can prove to ImmD that you have settled in HK - job in HK and residence in HK.

    Anecdotal - there was a guy on here a few years ago who said he was able to extend his interview deadline - his wife was pregnant if I remember correctly. I tried a similar request saying the QMAS process took so long and I had since committed to other projects - ImmD didn't allow me to extend my deadline.

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    Thanks for the reply. I will keep my fingers crossed

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