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    Hk ID Card

    Hi everyone

    I'm a holder of a HK ID card which means that i have to return their every 3 years.

    Now I know that I last went back in 2001 which will mean that i'll have to go back again sometime this year, but as stupid as it may sound I can't remember whether I went back 2 years ago whilst i was travelling which will mean that i wouldn't have to go back till next year.

    My question is, is there a way that you can find out when the last time your ID card was entered into the computer. ie, calling the Chinese embassey etc.


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    The only person who would have such a record would be the immigration department.

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    HKID Card

    hi there
    i THINK that you only have to return every three years if you want to keep your three stars
    but otherwise i dont think your have to return every three years

    im not compleatly sure tho

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    It depends on what basis you hold your HKID card.

    If you are a Chinese citizen (and if it's a *** card then your almost certainly are unless you have explicitly renounced Chinese citizenship) then the card remains valid and unchanged. There is no need to return every 3 years.

    If you acquired a Permanent Right of Abode by living legally in HK for 7 years as a foreigner then you need to return once every 3 years to keep the right of abode. If you do not then your Right of Abode becomes Right to Land, which is, for all practical purposes the same - you just can't vote and can be deported for serious offences. You would still have the right to work and so on.

    If your ID card is already just "Right to Land" then that stays for ever and you don't need to visit.

    If your ID card was acquired because you were here working or studying on a visa (and you did not stay for 7 years and acquire Right of Abode) then the HKID card expires when your underlying visa does. The HKID number stays with you so that if you return later you get the same number again, but the card confers no rights in the meantime.