Do the stars even mean anything anymore? HKPID

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    Do the stars even mean anything anymore? HKPID


    The reason I ask is because I think both my sisters have 3 stars and I have 1? From what I was informed was that the stars represented what you were entitled to (e.g. buy land, vote etc)

    I checked online on the website and it seems now that the stars are only an indication of age rather than anything else?

    I did have a young persons ID card (phonetically - yee-tung-jing) which also had 1 star and my sisters had 3.

    I'm aware of the fact that during when my sisters were born, both parents were still HK citizens and thus gave them the right to abode and 3 stars. However, when I was born, my dad had already become a British citizen but mum was still HK.

    Now my question is, I am now 23, would they change anything else on my card if I was to go back to HK within the next few months to tell them they've given me 1* and not 3* (if the website is anything to go by, regarding the indication of age by *'s) would they modify it in any way other than just change the stars (e.g remove any rights?).

    Last time I went was April 2009 so I still have time to go back for the 3 year rule.

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    The */*** represent the right to a Hong Kong re-entry permit.

    * means under 18, *** means 18 and over. As for why they do it like that? I have no clue.

    In your last visit you would've been 21 so you probably should have gotten your ID card updated anyways.

    In addition if you were born in the UK, you probably wouldn't have been entitled to */*** anyway based on your circumstances, it may have been a mistake.

    Check my guide for more info: A Guide to the Right of Abode in Hong Kong - HKID for ABC, CBC, BBC

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    But if you do correctly have the * (or should now be ***) then you have ROA permanently unless you renounce your Chinese Citizenship. There is no need for you to return every 3 years.