Difference in HK perm ID card and HKSAR passport

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    Difference in HK perm ID card and HKSAR passport

    Hi guys, I was born in HK but lived in Canada until now. I am going back to HK to work. I am a Canadian citizen and hold a HK perm ID card. I know canada allows for dual citizenship but HK (China) doens't. Is there really a point in me trying to apply for a HK passport? What are the differences in the perm ID card and a HK passport?
    Is it worth while to try to apply for a HK passport?


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    Why do you want to have a HK passport for? It is better to keep your Canadian passport.

    As you were born in HK and have 3stars on your ID card, you can pretty much do anything a local person does with no restrictions.

    Dual citizenship makes no difference cos I have HK perm ID card and a British passport. I have no intention of ever getting HK passport.

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    Does a HKSAR passport allow you to go into China without a visa?

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    Perm HKID: Permanent Resident of Hong Kong SAR with rights to pretty much everything in the SAR. If you have right to abode I think that pretty much makes you a citizen as you can't be booted out of the country then.

    HKSAR Passport: Only benefit over ID card is you can use it as a travel document further way than China/Macau area.

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    Thanks for the answers....i was also wondering...i applied for a BNO when i was in Canada through Ottawa...but its been expired for a few years already...any point in getting it again?

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    If you have an old BNO passport, just renew it at any time at any British embassy. You can also do this in HK, at the British Consulate-General. Check their site: www.britishconsulate.org.hk

    BNO nationality can be retained for life, but you have Canadian nationality...why bother about BNO.

    If you were already HK resident of chinese decent before the handover in juni 1997(because you hold BNO status)...it could be that you have aquired Chinese nationality from the moment of handover. Check the HK immigration site about this subject: www.immd.gov.hk

    A HKSAR passport(Chinese nationality) is nowadays prerequiste for a 'Home Visit Permit' application at the CTS. With that permit, you can enter Mainland China visa free(saves same hassle),thats all.

    @ontheroad: Just holding a HKSAR passport alone, you cannot enter mainland China, but it makes you Eligible for a Home Visit Permit, with that you can enter China visa free for its validity of 10-years.

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    Thanks for the help...yes i am a hk resident before the handover...but just one question, if i just hold the hk perm id, can i travel without visa?

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    Why would you need a visa when you were born here and are a Permanent Resident or citizen of HK ?

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    1_quick_v6 the permanent hkid allows you to travel into and out of HK without showing your passport. Travel to China and other places require a passport. Travelling from HK to China can be made easier (and cheaper) by applying for a "wui heung tsing" (return home visa) with or without a HKSAR passport.

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    Its true, if you hold a Canadian passport, there's really no point in wasting your money in a HK SARS passport. You can practically go to most if not a lot more countries visa free. it ensures you get access to the canadian consular if you use your canadian passport and the HK SARS passport doesn't allow you to enter from canada into mainland China directly without a visa.

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