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Visitor visa to Work visa transfer

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    Quote Originally Posted by roystong:
    Thanks to MovingIn07 and bryant.english - appreciated!

    Well I hope it takes 4 weeks and not 4 months thats for sure. I suppose the hassle with being on a visitor visa for that long is not so much the work situation but your personal arrangements? Essentially you cant do an awful lot in terms of settling in without a HK ID card. No bank account or mobile phone contract, gym or long term apartment etc... Bit of a pest that eh!
    You can open a bank account with a passport, ditto mobile phone and gym is fine, getting an apartment can be harder but it depends on the landlord, there are no laws about it. Except that renting an apartment makes it look like you are "residing" which is of course illegal!

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    You can open a bank account with just a passport. Mobile phone service, they might charge you a higher deposit if you don't have a HKID, but it is still possible (I recall HK$3000 without a HKID and HK$1000 with one, that was quite a few years ago though).

    I had a friend who stayed in HK two years without a HKID, she managed to do everything, including signing an apartment lease. So it's inconvenient but definitely doable. I think she even got a credit card too, after the bank account was open for two or three months.