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Internal transfer vs. accepting new offer

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    Internal transfer vs. accepting new offer

    Dear All,

    Is internal transfer generally easier to get approved for work visa? I am debating whether or not if I should accept the internal transfer offer from my current company or take my new offer in Hong Kong.

    Below are my qualifications:

    BA in Actuarial Science, UC Berkeley

    Almost 2 years of product management experience in OTC Derivatives, particularly in Credit Derivatives and Fixed Income

    If I stay with my current company, I will be focusing on cross-asset trading platform implementation. On the other hand, if I am taking the new offer, I will be focusing on monitoring the FX and algorithm trading activities.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I don't think Immigration will see internal transfers as a given or any easier to grant a work visa. Each case is, I would assume, reviewed on an individual basis and the merits of the position.

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    Which job do you prefer and which job offer better conditions?

    if you are qualified, experienced and join a reputable firm the visa will be a fomality be it a new hire from oversea or an internal transfer. Of course by resigning you could take a bigger risk as compare to a normal transfer in case the visa does not go thru BUT, if I were you, I would NOT resign until I get the visa approved. Once your visa is approved, you resign do your month notice and move to HK.

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    I always assumed it was a pretty easy process to get a work permit granted in hk once you have an employer willing to push that through?