How long does one has to stay married for HK permanent residency?

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    Red face How long does one has to stay married for HK permanent residency?

    I know that it is 7 years. I want to know all the middle steps regarding marriage.

    1. For how many years is the first and second DV issued ? 1 year and then 3 years ?

    If I divorce after the 1st year of marriage, how long can I stay in HK ?

    How long or what is the minimum years someone has to stay married?

    Lets say someone divorces in 1 year, can the spouse stay/work in HK until the visa expires and then remarry.

    Will that 1 year count towards the 7 years, if one remarries ?

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    Q1: 1 + 3 + 3
    Q2: Until your visa expires
    Q3: I think its 1 year, well i know some who got divorced after 1 year.
    Q4: stay until visa expires or remarries.
    Q5: should be, not sure on this one.

    your best bet is to ask PDLM, he is the resident immigration bounty hunter and he indepth immigration knowledge is the best.

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    Assuming that you are married to a HK Permanent Resident...

    Yes, the visas are normally issued as 1+3+3. If you stay in the first marriage until after you have the first renewal then get divorced you would be able to stay (and work etc) up until the end of your visa (i.e to 4 years in total). If you get married again just before the end of the 4 years then you could apply for a new Dependant Visa. Assuming that it is granted before the old one expires then I guess it would be for 1 year only (a new marriage). So you would then have to stay married for a further year, get a 3 year renewal, and then get divorced. You would then have a visa that would take you past the 7 year point at which you could apply for PR.

    HOWEVER, this requires ImmD to be convinced 3 times that what you are doing is genuine:
    - when you apply for the dependant visa after the first marriage
    - when you apply for the dependant visa after the second marriage
    - when you apply for PR

    At any of those points they could judge that you are entering into marriages of convenience for the purposes of getting a visa, and therefore decline it. So this is a very high risk strategy.

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    Red face

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    A lot of people here seem to forget the part about having to convince the Immd that your marriage is genuine.

    Unless some other countries there is no automatic right to a dependant visa when married. The Immd can issue you one if they are convinced that your marriage is genuine and your are in a genuine relationship (proof of joint funds, pictures of previous holidays etc).

    I guess you should be fine if you would get divorced during the 7 years and find a new spouse with whom you enter a genuine relationship. But as PDLM already mentioned it will be pretty hard to convince Immd.