Convert work visa to visitor visa

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    Convert work visa to visitor visa

    Collegue currently on a work visa and finishing contract on June 1. Work visa expires June 1. Wife has dependant visa also expires June 1. He would like to stay an extra couple of weeks as a tourist and just hang out (will not work), he&wife are on USA passports.

    I know this is easy to do by going to Macau and coming back but he doesnt want the hassle/expense.

    Can he go to immdept and ask for a visa conversion from work visa to tourist visa? Could he ask for a work visa extension for 2 weeks (no supporting contract would be available)?
    Would this be an easy/painless thing to do?

    If it will involve a lot of hassle, they will just leave on June 1.


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    As this is specific no harm in inquiring with immigration.

    I'm sure it would help if he can provide copy/proof where they intend to live after 1 June.

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    My gut feeling is that ImmD would process this very readily. Obviously, taking a copy of you ticket out when you go to apply couldn't do any harm.