us citizen, hk permanent residency in 7 years: will I loose my US

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    us citizen, hk permanent residency in 7 years: will I loose my US

    I came as a tourist. I am getting a DV (dependent spouse) visa.
    When I finish 7 years, my question is: if I apply for Hk permanent residency, will I loose US or have to renounce US citizenship ?? please help

    what is the difference between ROA, right to abode, citizenship or passport or HK ID etc ??

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    Short answer: residency is not citizenship. Becoming a Chinese citizen (no such thing as an HK citizen, because HK isn't a country) is a much longer and more complicated process than getting HK permanent residency...

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    ID is ID, it identifies you, nothing else.

    Right of abode is basically the right to live here without a visa, vote, etc.

    There is no such thing as right to abode. I guess you mean right to land. Right to land is the right to live and work in HK without a visa, without other rights such as the right to vote etc/ If you become a permanent resident you get the right to land and the right of a bode. If you don't return to HK every three years you lose the right of abode but you never lose the right to land.

    A passport is a travel document.

    Citizenship is a ship for citizens, ok,ok , I'm bored now.

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    no, you would NOT have to renounce your US citizenship... afterall, you are only gaining RESIDENCY NOT citizenship, two very different things (as has already been pointed out).

    HKID in and of itself confers nothing... it is merely a form of ID. your residence/visa status is what gives you the "rights"... that said, once you attain your PR, you DO apply for a new HKID that states that you are a PR.

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    awesome. exactly what I was looking for. you made my day