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    Me and my husband are looking to find somewhere we can spend a year or so away from the UK. We visited HK 2 years ago and fell in love with it. I work as an administrator and my husband works for a pension company as a customer service advisor/administrator. Neither of us are graduates.

    We would love to spend some more time in HK but would need to work there to finance it, therefore the working holiday visa sounds ideal, however I am wondering if it would be particularly difficult for us to find work once there, due to us not being graduates or having any skills in a certain sector.

    I understand that we wouldn't be able to stay in the same employment for more than 6 months with this type of visa. We were hoping that it would be possible to find temporary jobs through employment agencies.

    Also is it easy to find work if you don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin? As we both only speak English, but would look at learning another language once in HK.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated. We really just want to do something different.

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    As far as I know there isn't a working holiday visa arrangement with the UK, I'm sure PDLM will confirm shortly, or you can check on the HK Immigration Department website.

    Yes, I'm afraid it would be difficult to get work or a working visa with the qualifications and experience that you have in HK. If there is a working holiday visa for the UK then I'm sure you could pick up something, but if not, it seems difficult.

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    Indeed - the Working Holiday Visa is only available to citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Korea and Japan.

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    With a UK visa you can get 6 months acess to HK at a time for holidays. You could perhaps look at some of the casual jobs which don't look too closely at visas (like bar work perhaps) but you'd be illegal and at risk of not being paid with no recourse. Can you take a course (TESOL perhaps) and try qualifying to teach english? Or sign up to study here and get a study visa?

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    Thanks for all the advice.

    I didn't notice the working holiday wasn't available to UK applicants, that is a shame.

    I did think it would be difficult without having a degree to come to Hong Kong. I did look at TESOL qualifications and perhaps trying to teach English but again I have read that for places like Hong Kong they do prefer people with a degree. As for studying in Hong Kong I don't think this would be an option because we would still need to finance the studying, therefore would need to work at the same time.

    By the sounds of it, we will have to look at going elsewhere as much as I love Hong Kong. I think Australia or NZ would be easier because they offer the working holiday visa for people from the UK.

    Thanks again