Hi everybody!

I would like to get some advice after reading many topics on the employment visa and the difficulty to get it for fresh graduate.

I will try to explain you shortly my situation.
I was working (internship actually) for a HK boss in Shanghai during 1 year (1 gap year just before my last year of study for my master's degree in Europe).
I got an employment offer from him to start ASAP in HK and I am not working on the visa application.

Field : IT system + marketing for European market
Dates : At least 2 years
Diploma : I will only get my msater's degree in October and I can now just get a certificate from my school that I have a B.Sc.
Previous XP : only this 1 year in Shanghai, doing more or less the same thing. Not the same company but the same boss
Other qualifications : none
Value : Engineering & Marketing background, knowledge of IT systems and european cultures and european languages (english french spanish)
Salary : > 20K

Moreover, I got an offer from the HKUST for a PT master starting in August (I know the Employment visa let you studying if you have a FT job and that is just PT studies).
I could not find if a trainee visa would let you study PT.

The company is well established (around 15 people) and generates profit but had never employed a non-local (good and bad point I guess).

I wanted to get your advice to maximize my chances of getting a working visa? Should I instead apply for a trainee visa and change it later for a working visa? (before the end of that one)
Can I take PT studies with a trainee visa?

Sorry for the long story but I wanted to give you a global overview of my situation.
Any comment is welcome!

Thanks for your advice!