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work visa for someone that just got to hk on a 90 day stay

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    Red face work visa for someone that just got to hk on a 90 day stay

    I just arrived in hk from canada. no work permit, just a 90 day stay. I like to transform it into a work visa.
    I found a company job at jobsdb that needed someone speaking Korean. Is there a chance ?
    What are my chances that employers sponsor me for a work visa ? Where can I find job offers, that gives work visa ? Is that hard ?

    e.g. jobsdb ? Do most jobs there sponsor a work visad z?

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    You can only get an Employment Visa if you have skills or experience which cannot easily be found amongst permanent residents. If you speak Korean then that might be a sufficient skill if the company needs a Korean translator or similar. If you are Canadian and aged under 30 then you also have the option of getting a Working Holiday Visa, which is not linked to any specific job and allows you to do casual work for a year, during which time you can network and hopefully find something permanent that would be eligible for an Employment Visa.

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