Hong Kong Airport Arrival tax refund

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    Hong Kong Airport Arrival tax refund

    If you are coming from Mainland china and departing from HK on same day, you can claim refund for your departure tax.

    Is there any provision which allows refund for arrival tax if We go to Mainland China on same day as arrival ?

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    I have not found anything about an arrival tax.

    The departure tax rules are explained here:
    Passenger Departure Tax - Hong Kong International Airport

    Refund application form here:

    What I can't find out is if one as being a HK resident is equally entitled or not?
    The refund application form wants immigration chops as a proof of the arrival date, which a HK resident can't show.
    All in all, unless you arrive by ferry, the bureaucratic overhead makes it not really worthwhile to me.

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    There isn't any discrimination against HK residents. There is actually an Air Passenger Departure Tax Ordinance, and it doesn't mention residential status at all. The exemption categories are listed here.

    It is also the case that you are exempt if you do not pass through immigration control on the way through the airport--in that case it wouldn't be relevant to ask for the immigration stamps.