Shenzhen to HK via train

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    Shenzhen to HK via train

    Hello guys

    im planning to go to HK via Shenzhen by train in the next few months. im an indonesian passport holder. as far as i know from the HK immigration website, indonesian passport holder will be granted 1-month visa free. but they dont include any information that it will be granted to those enter Hk via air, while im planning to go HK from Shenzhen by train. am i going to get the 1 month time, or not ? i heard that people entering HK other then by air, will not get the time they should if they enter HK not by really confused about this, because i know that Singapore does, when u enter Singapore not by air, you will get shorter visit time...does Hk do the same ? Please enlightens me ! Lots of thanks.


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    You will get the same amount of time regardless of what type of border entry you make.