Dual Citizenship

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    Question Dual Citizenship

    I just happened to learn that the Indian parliament is planning to pass the dual citizenship bill today which includes expatriates from HK.
    I would like to know weather children born to Indian expats in HK are eligible for HK citizenship in the first place. If so does it apply to both temporary & permanent ID card holders?

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    Often asked question.

    "HK Citizenship" does not exisit. What you get is a Hong Kong Travel document.


    Chinese nationality is given to non-chinese ethnicity people very selectively. There have been a few cases in Hong Kong where stateless Indians have been given Chinese nationality and Hong Kong Travel Documents.

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    Dual Citizenship

    The Indian proposal is for PIO's in UK,US, Singapore only I think
    As far as I remember, it doesnt cover HK

    PIO = Person of Indian origin

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    So I guess as temporary ID card holders our child is only eligible for ROA after one of us completes 7 years i.e. obtains a permanent ID card..
    Regarding HK being included for dual citizenship I happened to read today on the TOI webiste.

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    I don't think chinese nationality provides for dual citizenship.


    The Chinese Nationality act is pretty scary by itself.

    Any person who applies for naturalization as a Chinese national shall acquire Chinese nationality upon approval of his application; a person whose application for naturalization as a Chinese national has been approved shall not retain foreign nationality.
    According to the Nationality Law of PRC, the full British Citizenship obtained by Chinese nationals in Hong Kong through the "British Nationality Selection Scheme" will not be recognized. These people are still Chinese nationals and will not be entitled to British consular protection in the HKSAR and other parts of PRC.

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    The Union Cabinet on Tuesday night decided to grant dual citizenship to Indians living in the United States, the United Kingdom and six other countries.

    The six other countries are Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Italy.

    For details:

    Cabinet decides to grant dual citizenship

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    The Chinese Nationality Law makes it difficult but not impossible to be a dual national. The easiest way is by birth. If one parent of the child is a Chinese citizen and the child is born in China, then the child is a Chinese citizen regardless of the other country's nationality laws. This is very useful if your family travels in and out of mainland China a lot as mine does. Saves a lot on visa fees.

    As for naturalising, the law says you can't retain your foreign nationality. It doesn't say anything about resuming it though...

    And HK immigration only recognise the loss of Chinese citizenship under Article 9 if it is declared to them officially and a fee paid.