Job-Hunting While in HK

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    Job-Hunting While in HK

    I am a British citizen trying to move to Hong Kong, but unlike most people who seem to move there, I have no job set up to move into and so no working visa.

    Is it possible for me to travel to Hong Kong and find a job in the 6 months I am allowed to stay there visa-free, and then apply for a working visa without leaving the country, or do I need to have a job and working visa set up before entering the country?

    Ideally I'd like to go out there and hunt for a job whilst I'm there, but I'm not sure if this is possible. I'm having difficulty tracking down advice because most people seem to move to HK for a specific job posting.

    Can anyone offer some advice on this?

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    Yes you can look for a job here while on a visitor's visa. I did that and have found a job here with my company sponsoring me a working visa. Also, you can leave in and out of HK to renew your visitor's visa. I did this for over a year, but of course if you do this too many times, immigration may get suspicious. All the best.


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    I'm doing that now. Hey canadian steve, how did you find your job? Was it from online job posts, direct contact to companies, friends of friends, or what?
    I dont get 6 months though since im from the USA ... I only get 3

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    I'd also be very interested in your experiences, since i'm looking to migrate from the USA. Headhunters and others there continue to tell me they can help when i'm in HK.
    Soul, what kind of budget were you operating on while you search?
    Steve, how long did it take? What approaches worked for you in finding the job?