Washing Machines - Are they all same sizes?

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    Washing Machines - Are they all same sizes?

    Need some enlightenment.

    I have shipped over our washing machine & dryer from Malaysia to HK. Just wonder if for instance a 5kg front load machine the same size to all similar washing machines?
    Given space is a challenge in HK apartments, just wonder if it makes sense to even have it in our apartment or just take whatever that's been already provided by the landlord in HK.

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    Would depend on the brand etc.. but generally they should be pretty much the same size -- give or take a few inches.

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    Measurement can be different. Best to ask your landlord for space measurement before you ship.

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    There are 2 or 3 standard sizes. Most washing machines have the same height, but width and especially depth varies.

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    Washing Machine - leaking - HELP!!

    Hi All , so sorry for using this thread, I'm not so sure how it works BUT I have an urgent question!!

    So sorry for emailing you all, during working hours.. I have a quick, but urgent question...

    I very stupidly agreed to buy the old washing machine from my landlord when I moved in..and now it's leaking..(quite badly..and soon I'll have a private lake in my kitchen)..
    PLEASE, does anyone know:

    1) Someone who can fix a Hitachi washing machine (I thought Jap products were supposed to be reliable!!)
    2) Or... someone I can pay who can take it away (and send it to Mars...) or...
    3) Where I can buy a new washing machine apart from Wing On (should be called 'Rip-Off On'...can't believe people here will pay HK$5000 - 6000 for a washing machine - it's not made from gold!!)

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    We lived in a place with Hitachi air cons and always found the Hitachi Service Centre to be reasonably priced (for cleaning/reapir) and efficient. Or are you looking for a bloke with a spanner?