Can I work on a student visa?

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    Can I work on a student visa?

    I am a qualified teacher coming from the UK. I would like to do a full time university course in Hong Kong whilst I am also teaching part-time in an international school. Is it possible to work whilst I study? Should I come on a work visa (and then study) or a student visa (and then work)? I am really worried that I would not be able to work whilst I'm studying. If not then I really can't afford the university course...

    I would really appreciate anyones help with this.

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    Unless there are some exceptional circumstances, you won't be able to work and study at the same time. If you get a student visa for full-time studies, you are automatically not allowed to work. Usually the immigration department denies work visas for part time jobs and even if you manage to get one, you still additional permission to study.

    I think you might have chances if you work full-time and study part time.

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    student visa

    I was in Hong Kong on a student visa. So talking from experience, it is true that you are not allowed to work on a student visa, yet there are ways to legally overcome this hurdle.

    You need to obtain pemission from the immigration department - to do so, you must demonstrate that the work you will be doing is somehow connected to your area of study.

    It is a pretty straightforward procedure - the university will help you out.