APEC travel card

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    APEC travel card

    Hi guys,

    I'm considering applying for an APEC Travel Card/Pass. It allows visa-free access to a few countries in South East Asia, Australia and South America. Has anyone here applied for it already? what is the process like? and where do I start? I appreciate all your replies. Thanks!


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    You need to go to www.businessmobility.org - that will give you all the answers to your questions.

    It does take a few months (4 months?) for it to be fully approved, as China takes the most time to fully approve the card. You can get a temporary card issued with those countries who have already approved your access though.

    Your APEC country processes the card and fees do apply (now A$200 for Australian issued cards).

    Note that the card is "attached" to your passport, so if you lose your passport or get a new passport, you will need to get a new card sent out, as the numbers and details must all match.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have had 2 since 2001. because everytime u change your passport no u need to get a new one( Pssport no is for those who getadditional booklets) U have to apply at the immigration tower i think the 4th fl, U need to fill the form, your company letter why u are applying for APEC card.If u have travelle dpreviously to the participatingc ountries their old visa, If u are currently doing any business with anyone from these countries copy of invoices.. You need to be HKPR.

    It takes about 2-3 months for the card to come. Then also u get certain countries an certain countries reject you and teh card is valid for 3 years from date of application.

    Though there are 21 countries in APEC but all dont have the APEC card.U can easily get Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, HKG, South Korea, JAPAN, tHAILAND, sINGAPORE Chile, Peru, Bruenei.

    Malaysia is also giving u access. I dont have singapore.

    It is very convient as u can go thru APEC lines in immigration , but sometimes as it is not that common some countries take longer to process. I remember going to Perul immigration didnt know what it was and he asked me to wait the airport became empty and then he found outthat I didnt need a visa with APECCard. Also initially I was refused to board the flight out of Miami to Chile as dumb airlines( United) didnt know what it was. But now things are much better

    Worth it if u travel to these countries and not have HK SAR passport or European or American passports

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    Timing of card issue

    With mine, I noticed that the pre-clearances for the "major" economies came through within 2 months. Once you have the ones you want, you can apply for an interim card, which will have all the countries that you have been pre-cleared to listed on the back.

    Oh, my APEC economy is Australia.

    Remember, the APEC card does NOT replace your passport, as crocodile eluded to.

    Hope this info helps.

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    It took around 5 months for me to get all the preclearances.

    Application process is easy as mentioned. Basically you just need a supporting letter from your employer.

    One of the best benefits is being allowed to use the diplomatic or in some cases the PR channels in other countries. That can save a lot of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonic-dragon:

    Application process is easy as mentioned. Basically you just need a supporting letter from your employer.
    And a website, a business card, and you need to fill in the reasons why you should be issued one.