Need help for Dependant visa application

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    Need help for Dependant visa application

    I am preparing to submit my application for "Dependant Visa"". My spouse hold British passport n 3*** HKID and I am Malaysian citizen. We both currently living away due to work. Plan to get HK spouse-visa for me and moved back to HK.Just wanna ask someone who is experience to check if there is anything i had missed out.

    1) Evidence of contact: telephone bills, emails, cards, msn chat sessions, hospital bill, air tickets, etc
    2) Wedding photos, travel photos, family photos
    3) Photocopy of our wedding certificate, wedding gown receipt & wedding ring receipt
    4) My Spouse & my C.V & photocopies of our education certificates
    5) My Spouse 3mths bank statement consist of approximately 2,000Pound savings
    6) My Spouse latest UK tax return & my latest Malaysia tax return
    7) Letter from his dad's consent allowing him to live in his hk home
    8) Photocopy of my spouse's HKID-Card (3***)

    1. Do I have to submit my passport as well ? If yes, just the latest one or all of them include the past cancelled passport?
    2. Where should I submit it? Send it to HK Immigration or just to Malaysia china embassy?
    3. I think it wouldnt be a problem if my spouse still living n working in UK while we apply? Once we got the visa we will be moving back to HK.
    4. Regarding the house, do we need to submit the morgage / grant to proove or just the letter from his dad(owner) will do?

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    1. Yes, but only a copy of the latest passport. I'm not sure that overseas tax returns are particularly relevant, nor your CV or education certificates. Remember that essentially ImmD is looking for evidence that:
    a) the marriage is genuine
    b) the two of you have somewhere to live in Hong Kong
    c) your husband (the PR, sponsor) has the financial means to support you. Your background and financial status is not strictly relevant. As I'm sure you know, GBP2000 won't last very long for a couple in Hong Kong, even with free accommodation.

    2. I guess it might happen quicker if you submit it in Hong Kong, but either will do. Best if possible is to make the submission in person in HK, taking along the originals of all the documents you are submitting so that they can verify them immediately.

    3. Not a problem in principle, but I would write a covering letter explaining your situation and your plans.

    4. No harm in submitting some evidence that your father-in-law owns the place.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanx for ur reply.

    Regarding the financial part, thats why I plan to submit both our C.Vs & education certificates to proove that we are capable to look for a job when we move back to HK.

    I read it some where at the ImmD website, they ask us to submit to nearest chinese embassy if we are currently staying out of HK. But some ppl at geoexpat said we mail it to HK wanchai. So which one? Offcourse if hk is faster, i don mind send it there.