I just got an offer from a Hong Kong company. It is directly related to my undergraduate degree from the US. I think the Immigration Department will think I am offering skills that can't easily be found in the local market. (I have four years of professional experience and two years worth of internships.)

My question is about my unfinished master degree from a university in Hong Kong three years ago. I would prefer not to submit any supporting documents regarding my unfinished master degree, but the Hong Kong Immigration Department has my records and knows what university and program I studied in for that year. (I performed poorly due to the fact that I was simultaneously doing work in Shenzhen. Also, I have one outstanding library fee and getting the transcript could delay my application by up to a week.)

If I just submit my official undergraduate degree transcript, and mention in my visa application that I did not complete the masters program in Hong Kong, will the Immigration Department ask for my transcript from the masters program?