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    I am new here and just wanted to get some feedback on my chances of getting a visa. I have been offered an internal transfer with my current employer to move from the uk to hong kong hopefully at the start of August. The role is a mid level role for an investment bank and the salary they've offered is above the suggested salary for a comfortable visa application mentioned elsewhere on this forum.

    My concern is not having any qualifications whatsoever, I am purely basing my application on my professional experience, of which i have 10 years. I have a company working on my application and I've provided references to support my experience, but I am still worried it will be rejected. The role they've offered me has been advertised in hong kong for over 6months with no suitable local applicants so I am confident that the company can evidence they have done their best to attract a local candidate, but with no success.

    What do people think? Do I stand a chance of getting through the application for a visa? Or should I be concerned?

    Thanks in advance


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    Internal transfers are easier to get approved because yo have experience at your current employer. They also couldn't find anybody locally. I wouldn't worry, I had Internal transfers from our European office approved with much less and as a small business/small salary not a bank/financial institution.

    One thing surprises me though, it sounds as if you are taking care of visa application not the employer. Or is it just filling in your part of the form and handing it over to the visa consultant you are talking about? (there is a lot involved, incl. submitting accounting docs, evidence that they tried finding a local, etc)

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