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    entry to china

    hi I have a question. I need your help. if anyone knows the answer please reply me! thank you!

    Im currently in Canada and wish to go to China. Im holding the hksar passport, hk id as well as the home return permit. Im wondering if Im allowed to land in china from other countries than Hk, such as from vancouver to Beijing or Japan to Guangzhou. Some told me that I need to pass by hk in order to get in china, is it true?

    Thanks once again for your time!

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    Hi, my wife's a local chinese and I asked her about your return home permit (Wui Heung Ching) issue.

    She's pretty sure you can fly directly to any part of China. You don't have to pass thru HK.

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    ^ That's correct. You don't need to pass through Hong Kong.

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    Thanks for your prompt replies!!!!!