Change Of Employment

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    Change Of Employment

    Hi One , Hi All,

    Good Day!!

    I'm a Hk Resident. I Have Been Working In An Particular Co For Quite Some Time And Have Quit The Job Recently. I Have My Visa Validity Till End This Month. What Are The Necessary Dcuments / Letters Should I take From The Company I Have Been Working with.
    I'm In The Process Of Attending Interviews With A Couple Of Companies. As This Is The First Time I'm Re-locating My Job, It Will Be Of Great Assistance If You Would Explain Me What Is The Usual Process To Join A New Compnay.
    Since i have hardly 25 days of visa remaining, should i approcah immigiration dept?? How long usually does it takes to complete all immigration dept formalities in the event of job relocation?

    thanks for all your suggestion!!


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    Sham Tseng

    If your previous employer sponsored your visa they will notify Immigration immediately (at least by law they are required to).

    From your previous employer you will/should obtain:
    1. A release letter from them for your records and they should be sending a copy to Immigration as well

    2. A letter of reference and if possible a letter of recommendation - many times this is just one single letter.

    Once you find a new employer willing to sponsor your visa from the time application is submitted the entire process can take 6 to 8 weeks but this is no guarantee.

    Immigration will not extend your visa so you can look for new job in Hong Kong. This is the reason why several professionals and recruiters in Hong Kong say it is not wise to leave one job unless you have another to go to.

    Best of Luck in your search!