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    Question Where to buy...


    I am going to be visiting HK for a week next month. I would like to buy a video camera (maybe digital) -- preferably on the first day, so I can film some of the things I see in HK.

    Can some of you, maybe suggest a shop where I can walk in, get good advice and do not have to bargain? I just don't want to get ripped off. I would prefer a place on HK Island, since that is where I'll be staying.

    I read about Photo Scientific. Anyone had any experience with them? I heard they might not have the cheapest price in town, but they are trustworthy and reliable.


    >>>Oops, I should have searched first. I just saw a similar post in the Misc. forum. But any additional info you have will help.

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    Would definately recommend doing your own research. I really doubt any place other than fortress would give you good unbiased advice. Fortress usually does not carry the bleeding edge models.

    I'm going to take a look around on Stanley Street and another place where I've previously purchased cameras from (for work colleagues).

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    Thanks KnowItAll,

    Please post your feedback after you take a look along Stanley Street (which is where Photo Scientific is as well). It surely makes sense that I should do my own research, but since I will have limited time, I am counting on HK veterans like you all.

    As far as newest models are concerned, I don't need to have something that is very new, as long as it has basic features. My other choice would be to buy here in Europe before going to HK, but I am pretty sure I would end up paying a lot more here than in HK, even from an expensive shop there.

    Thanks again.

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    Fax this guy to give you quote.

    New Lee Tung Audio Visual Engineering
    17/F Radient Center,
    7 Cannon Street
    Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    Contact: Derek Cheng
    Fax: 21470830
    Tel: 21470696

    I've bought several audio / video components from him and he has access to the distributors.

    Tell him "Shriram" recommended you and make sure he puts a delivery commitment on his quote.

    He's good for higher end stuff and does tend to cut his margins every now and then.


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    Thanks Shri,

    I'll get in touch with Derek right away.

    I really appreciate your help.