HKSAR passport to Europe - length of stay

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    HKSAR passport to Europe - length of stay

    Is the UK included in the 90 days length of stay in EU?

    I have travelled to the UK, then Denmark, Germany and Netherlands (all Schengen Member States), and it has almost been 3 months now.

    Upon entry in the UK, it says that I have a length of stay of up to 180 days on my passport. Then I get a stamp on my passport when I entered Copenhagen, then never getting any stamps when I move on to other countries e.g. Germany/Netherlands.

    The UK is not part of the Schengen Agreement, so just wondering that the 90 days of stay does not apply to it, i.e. I still have time in Europe to travel more?

    Any insight on this is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Since UK is not part of Schengen you will have your 90 in the UK and 180 in Schengen countries.
    So your 180 days in Schenge started the day you entered Copenhagen.

    When crossing borders within the UK or within Schengen you will not get any stamps and rarely have to show passport.

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    I think it's 180 UK 90 S.