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4 month working secondment - bringing girfriend

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    4 month working secondment - bringing girfriend

    I'm due to head to HK for four months from mid August. Work are organising my 'work' visa at the moment. My girlfriend is coming with me for the duration. We're both Irish

    Regarding my girlfriend, is the easiest thing, to travel with me but she goes on a visitor visa?

    Can she leave (go to Macau) and re-enter HK during the four months to extend her stay until my four months are up ?

    Does she need to apply for a visitor visa before travel or does she simply turn up with her return flights booked (DUB/HK/DUB) ?

    I'm assuming that when she is given a visitor visa it will be for 90 days.

    Thanks for any help

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    She doesn't need to apply for a visitor visa before arrival and she will get a 90-day visa free period at the border. She can do a visa run to Macau but there is no guarantee the second period will be for another 90 days (but should be okay). She cannot work while she is here, even unpaid work - she will be free to shop however, so bring lotsa dosh.

    The return ticket will show a date later than the initial 90-day period so perhaps best not to show them to confirm a departure date as it might raise questions.

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    The chance to be rejected on the first visa run are next to zero, especially when that is done after the first month or so. Macau is on many tourists' (And she is a Visitor) agenda and a very normal thing to do.