Regulations in regards to UK guy marrying a mainland woman

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    I am sure.

    Before 2008, mainland spouses needed to wait five years for OWP. Nowadays, 4 years. May be even shorter waiting time in future.

    PR needs 7 years. No exception, please.

    Working in HK doesn't need PR. New immigrants on OWP are ok to work.

    Quote Originally Posted by imparanoic:
    are u sure, the last post here suggests that it's five or longer, furthermore, i have personally spoken to the mainlander spouse who recently (2010) got her pr after the minimium 5 year period, she got as soon as she was entitled to it, and for the last 3 and half years, my mom took care of her young child so she can re-apply the two way pass at her hometown in china, she also told me she couldn't work here until then

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    Quote Originally Posted by User:
    She got One-Way Permit after four years of separation from a spouse living in HK. She needs 7 years of continuous ordinary residence in HK before she can apply for PR.
    Good correction. Thanks.

    Explains things re her mainland-born kid, too.

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