Enter as tourist then apply for dependent visa?

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    Enter as tourist then apply for dependent visa?

    Hi all,

    My husband (U.S. Citizen) and I (Hong Kong Citizen) are moving back to Hong Kong in late Feb.

    We were thinking to enter HK with just the travel status for my husband and when we get there, we're going to apply for a dependent visa.

    I just read someone's thread on here saying that if the gov't will ask you to show return ticket as a tourist, and we just happened to find on the website that he "must" show return ticket, I guess it's not like they check every single one, was anyone enter hong kong as tourist from the US asked to show it? We kind of already got our ONE-WAY ticket. so is it a really big deal??! can we buy like some sort of ticket to macau or china before we leave and show it to immigration if they ask?

    If we get a dependent visa in the U.S, do I need to show that I have a job or something? or I just need to show them my marriage certificate? At first, I thought that in order for us to get a dependent visa, I need to earn an income of hk$9000. But before getting a job, can I still apply for it?

    Anyone know if I don't work, can my husband obtain some sort of work permit before we get approved by the dependent visa?

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    i would contact immigration directly. they are usually very helpful and will give you all the "ins" and "outs" of applying.

    good luck!