Employment visa based on investment

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    Employment visa based on investment


    Is there now any certain investment or turnover obligation to get the employment visa?

    i have some questions regarding an employment visa:

    - Have i to form the company before getting the visa?
    - How long is the visa valid and can it be canceled under some circumstances?
    - Is it possible to come to HK on a tourist visa and then request the visa?

    Hows your experience with the Immigration Department?
    Is it necessary that a specialized company apply for me the visa?
    Do you know a good one with reasonable prices?


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    That sounds like an Investment Visa rather than an Emplyment Visa.

    Paragraph 15 of http://www.immd.gov.hk/pdforms/id(e)937.pdf lists the various documents you need for that, and yes, it must all be set up as a company before you apply.

    The alternative is a Capital Investment Entrant Scheme described in Para 45 of http://www.immd.gov.hk/pdforms/id939a.pdf which requires you simply to invest HK$6.5M here.