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QMAS question about financial source ?

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    Question QMAS question about financial source ?

    Well, I am applying for hongkong on Qulaity MIgrant scheme and I have been asked for

    Please explain the source of fund of Rs. 1,200,000, which transmitted to your account on 9 Oct 2012;

    Now, I want to know that can i tell them that this amount is of my father and my father sold his life time saved gold for my bank statement and he will totally support me during my stay in hongkong and I will submit letter of affidavit of my father. I have shown total of 20 lac pakistan rupee in my account. they have no objection on 8 lac but they asked for the source of 12 lac.

    what should i submit to prove that I can use this money anytime if i need it ?

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    Firstly, you'll find it easier to communicate with English speakers outside the subcontinent if you say "hundred thousand" instead of "lac" - or just use millions...

    I think the one thing you must not tell ImmD, if you want your application to succeed, is that the money came from your father. The guidance notes use the terms "his/her own financial resources" and "his/her personal net worth" - this should be your money, not borrowed or 'made available' from someone else.

    If your actual net worth is 800,000 PKR (about HK$64k), that is well below the consensus on this site for a QMAS application, and even if they accept the other 1.2million giving you HK$160k that's still pretty borderline. In general, $200k is a recommended minimum, although that's not based on any formal knowledge, just an estimate based on the meaning of the requirement and rules of thumb for other visas.

    If you're being supported by your father giving you his life savings, it's possible that QMAS isn't for you - it's meant for established professionals...

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    thanks vmlinuz, I really appreciate your help but you did not get one thing or i missed telling you that my father has saved gold for me only so that It could be given to my wife on my marriage or me.
    By the way, thanks for your guidance, I got your point.

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    irfan, believe it or not some people borrow money, put it in their own account in order to look like they have enough for Immigration purposes. The Hong Kong Immigration Department is aware of this "account stuffing" and will query it - AS THEY HAVE WITH YOU.

    As for "quality", no it's not about money, although you have to show you can support yourself here if you don't find a job. Typically the amount is about HK$200,000 - not a lot for a person applying for a QMAS visa. The "quality" comes from the standard of the person, e.g. PhD holder, top executive, Nobel laureate, Olympic athlete. The visa is also given to people in professions that Hong Kong needs.

    So get that chip off your shoulder. You haven't been outright rejected - yet. The Immigration Department wants to make sure you are a bona fide applicant, not just trying to scam your way into Hong Kong. QMAS can be a tough process but the legitimate applicants will get one. Many posters here have successfully gone through the process. So don't get all pissy because Hong Kong Immigration actually checks applications!

    P.S. Permanent residency takes 7 years, not whatever you might have been told.