Should I apply for a working or dependant visa?

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    Should I apply for a working or dependant visa?

    Hi, thought I'd ask here for a little advice.

    Basically, this is my situation; I've been offered a job in Hong Kong which will hopefully start in May should things go to plan. It's in the product design field, at a mid-junior level (I'm a design graduate with just under two years experience - from Britain).

    The company are already starting the work permit application, and they seem reasonably confident about it (I think my salary should meet the 'minimum' criteria - ie; a little bit above hk$20k/month). It's an international company, and some of my skills are quite relevant to the role (design, native english and a strong portfolio).

    But... I'm also a newly wed, and my wife is a Hong Kong girl (or 'PR' as you'd say). So I have the option to apply for for a dependant visa with her as my sponsor.

    However she doesn't earn an awful lot - about half of my salary, she's works for a newspaper in Hong Kong. We don't really have much savings. But we do have an apartment lease together, parents with deep pockets if need be, and plenty of proof of our relationship (we've been together over five years and must have dozens of shared flight tickets). So I don't see why the immigration department would refuse us a dependant visa, but I've heard (on here) that they can be scheisters to people who may have low salaries (my wife).


    As the title says, should I apply for a working permit (problem: almost a fresh graduate, only 1-2 years experience... really just 1 years solid experience, as I've also done a lot of 'freelance' work which I doubt will be easy to get referrals for), or should I apply for the dependant visa (problem: wife's low salary, little savings)?

    I've also considered that in the future it would be easier to change jobs on a dependant visa, etc, though honestly we're both planning to move back to London together within 2 years so I'm not too concerned about that part.

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    If you're not the first person the company has sponsored, and so they seem to know what they are doing, then I would let that run. You can always change to a dependant later if you decide you do want to stay on in another job or freelancing.