Visa for HK Company Directors

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    Visa for HK Company Directors

    My business partner and myself (both UK citizens) are directors of a HK limited company. We do not currently reside in Hong Kong but are planning to move there very soon to work in Hong Kong and China on behalf of our company.

    I understand that to do this we require working / employment visas. It is unclear how to obtain these as directors of our own company. I am aware of the 'standard process' whereby the company makes an application based on the unique ability of the foreign employees to do the work, but is this the same process for your own company. If so, how would you arrange this?

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    You are correct in your assumption.
    Your HK based company secretary will apply for you.
    If they are a private person and not an professional ( accountancy firms are the norm ) then have them employ a specialist visa service. One is mentioned many times in Geoexpat as a no win no fee service and comes highly recommended.