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Dependant visa application

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    Quote Originally Posted by ufo20022008:
    You should always apply for the dependent visa first because while in theory it takes 6 weeks to process the application, many have taken much longer, depending on the passport your spouse is on. Has your husband's tourist visa expired already? My spouse was also initially denied an extension but we had a medical reason for it and took in doctor's letters to back up our claim.

    I have read posts on this forum about how couples have had to separate for 2-3 months for while waiting for the outcome of the dependent visa. Unfortunately it's a possibility that you have to brace yourself for.
    No actually days before his tourist visa expired, we exit Macau and came back so he got a 14day tourist visa then.

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    There are only so many visa runs your husband can do before being found out. Unfortunately, unless you can convince immigration you husband has a genuine need to stay here while dependent visa is being process, I am afraid you have to brace yourself for the fact that he may have to go back to his home country while the application is being processed.

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