question on "apply QMAS", please help

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    Lightbulb question on "apply QMAS", please help

    hey, everyone,i applied for QMAS, and i am asked to provide further information, one of them is "Please provide information on the business nature and scope of business of your employing company (Please refer to the attached supplementary sheet). "

    and in the supplementary sheet, it requires me to write my employing company's turnover, tax paid, market value....and it also requires us to provide necessary supporting material...

    i am so confused now...
    what supporting material do i have to provide? the profit and loss account or the balance sheet of my company, or other kinds?

    can anyone please give me some advise? thank you very much in advance...

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    The Q in QMAS is for Quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emx:
    The Q in QMAS is for Quality.
    Haha, good one.