Chinese name required for Home Return Permit?

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    Chinese name required for Home Return Permit?

    • Born in China
    • USA passport
    • Permanent HKID card
    1) Does anyone know whether the above would meet the criteria for obtaining a Home Return Permit?

    2) Based on some information on CTS's website, it looks like the applicant would need to be a "Chinese national". If the Chinese passport was "cancelled" (e.g. the corner was cut off) when USA citizenship was obtained, does that automatically take away the Chinese nationality?

    3) If the Permanet HKID card does NOT have the person's name written in Chinese characters, is it still possible to obtain HRP?

    Thanks for your help!

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    You need to have HKSAR passport.

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    Which means you would need to be a Chinese National. Which means that you would need to renounce your US nationality in order to re-naturalise.

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    1) depends whether you renounced your china citizenship when you got the US passport.
    2) yes, you are not considered as Chinese citizen anymore.
    3) no, it needs to have the Chinese name on it to apply the HRP

    The only way you can get the HRP now is by giving up your US passport, and get back your Chinese national or naturalize to it, put Chinese name on your new HK ID, get the HK passport, then you will be accepted to apply for the HRP.

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    As to point 2, I think PRC nationals lose their nationality automatically once they take on another.whereas HK Chinese must renounce it at Immi, which must approve it, I believe

    chinese name on either id or passport is fine,
    I think the regulation is that you need a doc with a Chinese name on it. But they want to see HK passaporte anyway and your foreign as well.

    Then you can apply for approval to apply...

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