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    visa for consultant

    My husband is a US citizen and currently in Hong Kong on employment visa. He wants to quit his job and start his own consulting practice (solo). Is it possible to abtain a visa which will allow him to do that. If yes, then what kind of visa should he apply for and how difficult is the whole procedure?

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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    If he's not looking to start a business employing local people then it's not at all easy (otherwise everyone wanting to just come and stay here would claim to be a "consultant"). If he would be employing local people then he could try getting an Investment Visa, which will require him to have a business plan and so on. See section 15 on page 3 of this document and page 4 of this document for the sort of paperwork required.

    The other option if he has HK$6.5M is the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme.