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    Unhappy Visa problem

    Desperately need some advice. I have just started teaching in Hong Kong. My wife intends to come over and join me. She has booked a one way ticket for the 5th of March, as I have a contract for 2 years. I am organising a dependant visa for her, as she can change to a work visa when she gets over here. The problem is that they say it takes 4-6 weeks to process the visa. I am worried that I will run out of time. Do you think she will still be able to get out of Australia and into Hong Kong on a one way ticket and then maybe get the visa when she gets here. Any suggestions as to who I could ring.

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    If she can get out of Australia (many airlines will not let you board a flight without a return ticket if you do not have a ID card / visa) getting into Hong Kong should not be a problem.

    She should atleast carry some paperwork which shows that her dependants visa has been applied for.

    Best bets are to email immigration on [email protected] if you need some reassurance.