Agency to Assist with DH Visa

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    Agency to Assist with DH Visa

    Hi, I have found a DH that I would like to hire. She is currently in Phil but has worked in HK until recently and has a HK ID. Can anyone recommend an agency I can use to assist with the visa process. Any thoughts on likely cost?
    Many thanks for your help.

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    The whole process is really straight forward. No need for agency. Just get a standard DH contract (off government website), you need 4 or 5 copies, proof of 2 years DH experience,medical records, your financial standing (3 mth bank stats), copy of your employment contract, proof of address.

    When I did it the immigration/DH section were really helpful, and will tell you if i have forgotten anything.

    just DH visa and will give you everything you need to know.

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    The logistics should be:-
    1. Go to HK immigration to get a complete set of forms and contracts for "Hiring a Foreign Domestic Helper"
    2. Send the forms to your helper and ask her to fill in and send it back to you together with the document listed therein
    3.Meanwhile, go to the Philippines Consulate and get a list of required document and forms
    4. Get one of the forms notorised (you will know which one) & purchase a one way open or date changeable air ticket from Phil to HK
    5. When you get the package from the Philippines, take the complete pile of documents + air tic to the consulate for verification
    6.then take the verified forms to the hk immigration
    7. wait 2 weeks for a postcard
    wait 6 more weeks for the visa sticker
    8. send sticker to maid
    9. maid does her part of the logistics as stated in the list given by the consulate
    10. maid comes to hk

    an agent will usually charge you around $3000 including a one way ticket, DIY costs you about $2500 in total including one way tic.